Behold the Man (opera)

My forthcoming comic opera with librettist Andrew Flack which tells the story of octogenarian Cecilia Gimenez’s unusual restoration of a little-known fresco in the small town of Borja, Spain.

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Presences: Songs from Rumi – voice, piano, 25'

22 songs on the poetry of Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks. The first 9 songs are complete, the following 13 are planned for 2014. more info

Remembrance – voice, piano, 8'

Commissioned by the Roots and Leaves Museum of Wisconsin. A poem from 1854 about the difficult times of the early European settlers of Wisconsin more info

The Pouring of Light – voice, flute, piano, 17'

A collection of texts from the Qur’an, the Upanishads, Hildegard von Bingen, Sherif and Hafiz.

  1. Awake my dear (voice solo)
  2. the lamp in a glass
  3. light upon light
  4. Awake my dear (flute solo)
  5. forming the sun
  6. Awake my dear (piano solo)
  7. self-revealing Light
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Three Meditations – voice, marimba or piano, 7'

Texts from Sufi, Taoist, and Christian lineages. more info

Shanti – soprano, amplified piano, cello, 6 women's voices

Commissioned by Natasha Zajac in memory of her murdered cousin Yasmine. The piece follows the cycle of grief – guided by a mantra to the goddess Lakshmi. more info

Beyond Completely Gone – chamber orchestra, overtone singer, 8.5'

A spacious and then sweeping melodic work – exploring space and the ways in which we fill space; featuring an overtone voice soloist. more info

Works from Sympho's ARCO – orchestra, 20'

Aggression 1
Aggression 2
  • | | timp.2perc | pno | str
  • commissioned by Park Avenue Armory for the Tune-In Music Festival, 2011
  • premiered on 2/11/11 by SymphoNYC, Paul Haas (cond.), New York Polyphony, with sound design by Paul Fowler and Bora Yoon
These are excerpts and edits from Sympho's site-specific concert, ARCO, commissioned by the Park Avenue Armory (NY) to open the Tune-in Music Festival of 2011. ARCO is a modern creation myth that speaks of the human condition; it is at once a musical exploration of an architectural icon and a sonic voyage through time and space. The music is a journey in the landscape of the human soul, where we witness the soul’s evolution in the place where the struggle toward divinity and grace finds its battleground.

"Building" employs the second movement of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony as both a point of departure and a guide. Using rigorous musical forms – imitation, canon, fugue and passacaglia – the music witnesses humankind as she forms a singular identity, her perspective and world. As she reaches completion humankind turns to covetousness and militantly protects that which she has created, thus "Aggression." Listen for the "ghosts" of the Armory: samples of past works performed in the space, battling for prominence amongst the previous material. "Aggression 2" is the turning point of the concert during which the violence of war moves towards complete annihilation.

PF’s pieces from ARCO
the entire ARCO concert
Three orchestral works borrowing from Beethoven’s second movement of Symphony #7, telling a modern creation myth of humankind – the desire to build order and structure, and then protect that creation through any means.