Internal Tide (for Erika) – overtone voice, cello or viola, 10'

An evocative duet exploring the instrumental character of overtone singing in conjunction with solo string playing. more info

On Taos – native flute, flute, cello, piano, 16'

Composed specifically for Grammy-winner Robert Mirabal (flutes, etc), “On Taos” is a fond farewell to the land and people of northern New Mexico. more info

La Vie Zazou – cello, 11'

4 portraits of the Zazou, the young cultural resistence to the Nazi occupation of Paris. more info

Shanti – soprano, amplified piano, cello, 6 women's voices

Commissioned by Natasha Zajac in memory of her murdered cousin Yasmine. The piece follows the cycle of grief – guided by a mantra to the goddess Lakshmi. more info