voice soloist

Works for Voice Soloist

Behold the Man (opera)

My forthcoming comic opera with librettist Andrew Flack which tells the story of octogenarian Cecilia Gimenez’s unusual restoration of a little-known fresco in the small town of Borja, Spain.

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Internal Tide (for Erika) – overtone voice, cello or viola, 10'

An evocative duet exploring the instrumental character of overtone singing in conjunction with solo string playing. more info

Beyond Completely Gone – chamber orchestra, overtone singer, 8.5'

A spacious and then sweeping melodic work – exploring space and the ways in which we fill space; featuring an overtone voice soloist. more info

Presences: Songs from Rumi – voice, piano, 25'

22 songs on the poetry of Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks. The first 9 songs are complete, the following 13 are planned for 2014. more info

Three Meditations – voice, marimba or piano, 7'

Texts from Sufi, Taoist, and Christian lineages. more info

The Pouring of Light – voice, flute, piano, 17'

A collection of texts from the Qur’an, the Upanishads, Hildegard von Bingen, Sherif and Hafiz.

  1. Awake my dear (voice solo)
  2. the lamp in a glass
  3. light upon light
  4. Awake my dear (flute solo)
  5. forming the sun
  6. Awake my dear (piano solo)
  7. self-revealing Light
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Remembrance – voice, piano, 8'

Commissioned by the Roots and Leaves Museum of Wisconsin. A poem from 1854 about the difficult times of the early European settlers of Wisconsin more info

Shanti – soprano, amplified piano, cello, 6 women's voices

Commissioned by Natasha Zajac in memory of her murdered cousin Yasmine. The piece follows the cycle of grief – guided by a mantra to the goddess Lakshmi. more info