small ensemble

Small Ensemble Works

In Your Shoes – 10 percussionists, 10'

A piece exploring the expressiveness of walking, through 3 characters, Heels, Boots, and Slippers – with a backdrop of street performance percussionists. more info

Bird, Bug, Fish – piano, 15'

A set of innocent and playful pieces, suggesting children’s literature.
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The Pouring of Light – voice, flute, piano, 17'

A collection of texts from the Qur’an, the Upanishads, Hildegard von Bingen, Sherif and Hafiz.

  1. Awake my dear (voice solo)
  2. the lamp in a glass
  3. light upon light
  4. Awake my dear (flute solo)
  5. forming the sun
  6. Awake my dear (piano solo)
  7. self-revealing Light
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On Taos – native flute, flute, cello, piano, 16'

Composed specifically for Grammy-winner Robert Mirabal (flutes, etc), “On Taos” is a fond farewell to the land and people of northern New Mexico. more info

Benzi: Chaplin – 8 percussionists, video playback, 15'

Commissioned by Taiwan’s Ju Percussion Group. The percussion ensemble “narrates” a silent film featuring shorts from Charlie Chaplin (edited by the composer) – harkening to the benzi masters, the Taiwanese narrators of silent films. more info

La Vie Zazou – cello, 11'

4 portraits of the Zazou, the young cultural resistence to the Nazi occupation of Paris. more info

Balal – percussion quartet, 8'

A humorous music theater piece for percussion quartet that tells the biblical story of Babel. more info

for Peace – marimba, 4'

A soft chorale for the warm wooden sound of the marimba. more info

Michiyuki, from Chikamatsu's Love Suicides at Sonezaki – marimba, 15'

Composed for Young Concert Artist, Naoko Takada. The marimbist narrates the final scene (“the road to death”) of the famous Japanese puppet play. A very dramatic and physically embodied piece. more info

from Basho – harp, 7'

Inspired by a poem from Japan’s wandering poet, Basho, the piece employs extended harp techniques and choreography. The images created by the performer’s body in relationship to the harp are as important as the music. more info

Shanti – soprano, amplified piano, cello, 6 women's voices

Commissioned by Natasha Zajac in memory of her murdered cousin Yasmine. The piece follows the cycle of grief – guided by a mantra to the goddess Lakshmi. more info