film, theater, dance

Film, Theater, Dance

Messenger #1 (theater)

Crossing Greek tragedy with propaganda war-films and swing-era music to create a wildly anachronistic tragicomedy set in an imagined Greek/art deco/swing world. more info

God's Ear (theater)

A collection of contemporary songs for Jenny Schwartz’s beautiful and dark play. more info

HOWL (theater)

An evening-length staged version of Ginsberg’s classic, HOWL. more info

I Go On Singing (theater)

Paul Robeson’s Life in his Words and Songs. An evening-length theatrical concert featuring Anthony Brown. Written by Andrew Flack, musical direction by Paul Fowler. more info

The Force that Drives the Flower (dance)

An electronic companion to Stravinsky’s Concerto in D. Nature’s environments and movements. more info