Works for Choir

Calling – SSAATTBB, 7'

A wordless piece, exploring how we call to each other across distances and up close; and how the inherent overtones of our vowels and voices may also be calling us to awakenment. more info

Shakespeare's Love – SSAATTBB, 15'

Lines from Shakespeare’s plays about love, set with vocal writing often meant to suggest the constant ringing or droning of wind chimes. more info

Lux – SATB, piano, 15'

Minimalist settings created through manipulations of traditional Gregorian chants. Also available for unaccompanied SSAATTBB choir.

  1. Veni Creator Spiritus (2013)
  2. Lux Aeterna (2012)
  3. Alleluia (2012)
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Three Psalms – SATB, 11'

Two of these were originally composed for church choirs. The first and third are fun and upbeat, the second is simple and meditative.

  1. Psalm 95 (2006)
  2. Psalm 119 [in progress]
  3. Psalm 146 (2010)
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Mantras: Songs from Naomi – SSSSAA, 9'

A collection of poems from Naomi C. Rose; taken from her children’s books on Tibetan themes. A Buddhist mantra is woven throughout each piece. more info

Breath – SSAATTBB, 15'

A challenging 15-minute unaccompanied work on the poem “Breath” from Pulitzer laureate, Philip Levine. Commissioned and recorded by The Crossing. more info

Pied Beauty – SATB, 3'

A simple choral setting of Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poem of the same name. more info

Make We Merry – SATB, 4'

A playful Christmas madrigal, borrowing plainchant and typical Renaissance rhythm and harmony. more info