Shakespeare's Love – SSAATTBB, 15'

As sweet and musical
Love is a smoke
How silver-sweet
One touch of nature
If music be the food of love
Paul Fowler on all parts (demo recording)

  1. As sweet and musical (2001)
  2. Love is a smoke (2003)
  3. How silver-sweet (2005)
  4. One touch of nature (2012)
  5. If music be the food of love (2012)

Texts from William Shakespeare. Swan Composer Award, Honorable Mention. “How sweet and musical” premiered in 2002 by the University of Minnesota Choirs at the University of Minnesota. Complete work premiered 6/1/12 by the Ars Nova Singers at St. John’s Cathedral, Denver, CO.

The first piece in this set originally came about as a duet composed for a friend's wedding. Later that year I expanded it into the current choral setting. Initially, wind chimes were used as accompaniment for the soprano and tenor and in setting these pieces I've used aspects of that sonic quality throughout – namely, seven notes locked into a particular octave which, when sounded, create minuscule melodies that integrate into a constant, consonant drone.

score excerpt