Remembrance – voice, piano, 8'

Commissioned by Georges Calteux, Director of Sites and Monuments for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, for the opening of the Roots & Leaves Museum, Wisconsin.


A New Year’s gift for the old settlers in town 12 and 13.

Come forward all, it's ev'ning and winter
If you can't see clearly, come with a lantern,
Sit down and let's chat, about the old days
Which thirty long years ago knew different ways.

We didn't have much, when we came to these lands
But we had diligence, bright minds and strong hands.

We didn't have houses, no shed and no stable
Expensive were cattle and food on the table
We didn't have bed-steads, no tables, no chairs
The land we bought was wild woods still, I swear.

We set to the task, robust, and with courage
Each settler clear'd himself a passage
We built our homes, a fence was put up
And trees were marked where our properties stopped.

[etc…]Nicholas Becker, 1854 from the Luxemburgish by Georges Calteux

score excerpt