The Pouring of Light – voice, flute, piano, 17'

Commissioned by Trio Angelico. Premiered 12/21/07 at Villa Maria, Houston, TX.

1. Awake my dear

...Awake, my dear.
Be kind to your sleeping heart.
Take it out into the vast fields of Light
and let it breathe...

(Hafiz transl. by Ladinsky)

2. the lamp in a glass

God is the light of the heavens and the earth;
 the likeness of God's light is as a niche wherein is a lamp, 
 the lamp in a glass, the glass as it were a glittering star kindled
 from a blessed tree,
 an olive that is neither of the East or the West, 
 whose oil well-nigh would shine,
 even if no fire touched it; light upon light;
 God guides to God's light whom God wills.
 (Qur’an 24;35, transl. A.J. Arberry)

3. light upon light

I, by the light of the soul,
 realize that the beauty of the heavens
 and the grandeur of the earth
 are the echo of Thy magic flute.

4. Awake my dear

(flute solo)

5. "forming the sun"

I am the day unto myself,
 not formed by the sun,
 but rather, forming the sun, igniting it.
 I am the understanding not understood,
 but rather, allowing all understanding,
 illuminating it.
 I have a voice of thunder, living sound, living light,
 the movement of all creatures.

 (Hildegard Von Bingen)

6. Awake my dear

(piano solo)

7. self-revealing Light

There the sun shines not,
 nor the moon and the stars,
 nor the lightning,
 let alone this earthly fire.
 Only when illumining Light shines,
 everything else shines;
 the self-revealing Light illumines the entire universe.
 (From the Katha Upanisad, transl. by Sri Chinmoy)

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