In Your Shoes – 10 percussionists, 10'

"In Your Shoes” was inspired one afternoon spent wandering around Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado with my wife and son (a few blocks from where I live). Pearl Street – similar to London’s Covent Garden, the New York City subway, Italy’s Piazza Navona, or Paris’s Montmartre – is an outdoor walking mall that features excellent street performers; especially during summer. Naturally, there is a lot of foot traffic and I noticed the wealth of expression in everyone’s style of movement and the sound of their feet. “In Your Shoes” explores that inherent musical nature of people walking about with a backdrop of street performers.

The piece is organized around 3 characters, each with their own walk: Boots, Heels, and Slippers. “Boots” is rigid, powerful, warring – the masculine element. “Heels” is fluid, mysterious, dancing – the feminine element. “Slippers” intuitive, receptive, curious – the child element.

instrument list

5 suspended cymbals
1 sizzle cymbal
4 small gongs (for “cymbal tree”)
2 small clash cymbals
1 opera gong
2 tam-tams (1 onstage, 1 offstage)

1 surdo (a large Brazilian bass drum)
1 low drum (concert bass drum, tanggu)
5 temple blocks
2 bongos

crotales (1 set - or 1 set plus F# and A#)
glockenspiel (with top of case for “tip jar”)
hand pan drum (B C# D E F# A B)
5 octave marimba
3 timpani (pedal: 30”, 25”, 23”)

finger cymbals
assorted hand percussion (performers choice)

score excerpt