Balal – percussion quartet, 8'

Written for the Original Skin Project. Premiered 3/21/07 by the Empire State Youth Percussion Ensemble, University of Albany, NY.

“Balal” (to mix or confuse) is a humorous music theater piece for percussion quartet that tells the biblical story of Babel.


temple blocks, 2 clave sets, woodblock, cowbell, egg shaker, guiro
2 congas, bongos, 4 tom-toms, snare
brake drum, 3 suspended cymbals, sizzle cymbal, hi-hat, gong
4 books

I encourage the use of "found" instruments in place of any or all of those listed below. The listed instruments should serve as a guide for the kind of instrument used, but beyond that, be as creative as possible. Also, any choice of drumsticks or other beaters is your judgement.

score excerpt