CD Release: Janet Feder's "this close"

CD Release: Janet Feder + Paul Fowler release "leavings"

leavings – Janet Feder + Paul Fowler

Leavings is a feature film score, most of which didn't end up in the film (hence, it's name) which is fine by us, because it all ended up here! Janet plays baritone guitar(s), ukulele (thank you Elaine DeFalco), banjo (thank you Colin Bricker) and a few other things that aren't typically used as musical instruments. Paul was at the controls the whole way; finding and manipulating sounds, playing a variety of keyboards and also a beautiful wooden flute.

Listen and purchase at bandcamp

CD Release: The Crossing's "I Want to Live"


Echoes Echoes
I want to live – The Crossing

This album features two of my women’s choir pieces, “Potter's Clay" and "Echoes” (the former was commissioned specifically for this recording). It also includes works by William Brooks, David Lang, and Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, conducted by Donald Nally.

Artist | iTunes | Amazon permanent link

KGNU: Kabaret with Tom Weiser


Listen: Kabaret with Tom Weiser
Played on KGNU's Kabaret with Tom Weiser and Mike Facey.

1. Moten Swing – 0:30
2. The Nearness of You – 4:27
3. Round Midnight – 8:50
4. Night in Tunisia – 14:22
5. Doxy – 21:55
6. Route 66 – 25:26
7. Footprints – 29:27
8. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down – 40:12
9. Stardust – 45:15
10. How High the Moon – 50:37 permanent link

NPR: Janet Feder's "Songs with Words"


If you listen closely to Janet Feder's NPR interview, there's a tiny snippet of Janet's track "O the Sky Falling Moment" which features my singing. More importantly, Janet is amazing, and this is a great interview. Go to the interview permanent link

Review of "Shakespeare's Love"


So many new choral works are similar...There are exceptions, of course, Arvo Pärt, Krzysztof Penderecki, Tarik O’Regan, to name but three. Now, however, there is another exception, and that is Paul Fowler. I have never heard a new choral composer who is so completely original. He uses incredible cascading harmonies that constantly shift - everything seems to move all the time without ever resting. It reminded me very much of how clouds constantly shift and change. This new work is one of the most haunting pieces of music that I have heard in some time.”

Robin McNeil – The 555 Collective. Read the review permanent link

WRTI: The Crossing Month of Moderns


Philadelphia's WRTI will broadcast "Breath" and "Echoes" as a part of The Crossing's Month of Moderns festival. Go to WRTI for the broadcast permanent link

WUWM: Interview on Milwaukee Public Radio


Listen: Lake Effect Interview
Interview by Milwaukee Public Radio's Lake Effect for the Master Singers' premiere of "Lux Aeterna" and "Alleluia." permanent link

CD Release: Janet Feder's "Songs with Words"


Blowin' Blowin'
Songs with Words – Janet Feder

Produced by Joe Shepard, Mike Yach, and Janet Feder at Immersive Studios, Boulder, CO. I sang backup for Janet on several tracks, "Your Country is Like a Wall," "Blowin' in the Wind," and "O the Sky Falling Moment."

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"God's Ear" Best of Boulder Awards


The Catamounts' production of "God's Ear" was nominated for best sound design (by me) and wins 5 Best of Boulder Awards. Aside from writing and performing the music, I also played the role of "Guy". Read the article permanent link